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About Us

Founded in 2014, Horizon Financial Solutions began as a contracted Executive Finance firm providing expertise to struggling business owners within the small to medium-sized manufacturing segment.  Following a set of developed disciplines and metrics, Horizon was a proven success in the revitalization of multiple companies.  But something was missing.  Brian Keath, the founder of Horizon Financial Solutions, recognized there was an integral segment that was missing from these distressed companies, a solid HR foundation.  In 2018, Brian partnered with Naomi Davis, an HR professional with over 17 years experience in a variety of industries to assist in building a stable infrastructure.  


Today, Horizon Financial Solutions offers a complete package of Finance and HR services that can be used together or independently depending on the individual needs of the company.


If your company is in financial or HR distress, seeking rapid growth, looking for margin improvement, cash flow enhancements, or capital management contact Horizon Financial Solutions today for a consultation.  Horizon strives to ensure that your investment in them is far surpassed by your return. 

Brian Keath, Owner 

Brian Keath, founder and owner of Horizon Financial Solutions

Brian founded Horizon Financial Solutions with a Midwest work ethic and big company sophistication.  With more than 15 years in various private equity engagements and publicly traded companies, he developed a series of disciplines and metrics that promote success.  


Brian's passion fostered in various small to medium-sized manufacturing facilities that were struggling to survive.  He recognized similarities between the companies and decided to venture out on his own to apply the disciplines he developed to bring new life to distressed companies.  His success has lead to the revitalization of multiple companies and continued growth.


Brian's clients use Horizon in a variety of settings including directing the revitalization of business on the edge of bankruptcy, selling a division and managing the change from private ownership to sophisticated models and processes under private equity leadership to name a few.  Brian's ability to transition these companies has equated in returns exceeding the investment by the business owner.  Investment is the key word; investment in Horizon Financial Solutions will pay dividends over and over. 

  • LinkedIn - Brian Keath

Naomi Davis, HR Professional


Naomi is a Human Resource professional with over 17 years of experience in a variety of industries including manufacturing, retail, contracting, construction, and call centers, to name a few.


Her passion and focus are start-ups to medium sized organizations where she uses her experience to create and foster an environment of sophistication within the HR model.  Naomi builds an HR infrastructure focusing on the employee.  Her approach to recruitment, training, and retention are key to establishing and maintaining a stable, well trained, and happy workforce that in turn consistently produces a satisfied customer.


Naomi brings a strong knowledge and system of management for compliance including I-9 and Department of Labor audits.  Naomi is an integral part of benefits selection and administration with attention on providing employee needs while balancing employer objectives.

  • LinkedIn - Naomi Davis

Mike Bender, CFO

Mike Bender Pic 12-2018.jpg

Mike joins Horizon Financial Solutions with over 20 years of Controller / CFO experience and a calling to serve entrepreneurs struggling with the bureaucracy of their businesses. His experience includes accounting for businesses in manufacturing, construction, distribution, and service industries.

Mike has engaged with all sizes of businesses and all levels of personnel; from a Sole Proprietor to a Fortune 200 company or the Shop Floor to the Board Room. He has also held cross-functional responsibilities within Sales, Operations, and IT.

Mike’s ability to identify and understand the drivers of a business, coupled with his ability to work with cross-functional teams has resulted in business simplification and process improvements empowering managers and employees to focus on reducing working capital and increasing profitability.

  • LinkedIn - Michael Bender
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