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What our Clients are Saying about Horizon Financial Solutions.

STEVE/ Aeroform / President

"I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your contribution to our company this year. We have really turned a corner on taking the company to the next level and you were a big part of that. I’m looking forward to what we can get accomplished next year!


I’ve been floored how you can change the culture of our stagnant workflow in the office. The efficiency has changed for the better; it has really opened my eyes to what is possible."

JEFF / Buddy Boy Brands / Director of Operations

JOSH / VP Commercial Banking / Vice-President

"I’ve worked with Brian in several capacities and would recommend him to any business owner looking to improve processes and maximize profits. Brian is detailed oriented, a problem solver and straight forward when it comes to assisting owners with the financial aspects of their business. He would be a valuable asset to anyone seeking these aforementioned skill-sets."

TERRY / TZ Industries / Owner

"We were on the brink of shutting down when we brought Brian in. His ability to quickly change the culture and mindset along with his strong financial management saved our company. Today we have record profits, a traditional banking relationship and, taking vendor discounts, amazing."

DAWN / Hi5 Furniture, Inc. / Hi5 Furniture, Inc./ President

"I can’t thank you enough for taking our organization from losing money to striking our most profitable year yet. I didn’t realize how your expertise in finance could produce the amazing changes it has. You have become one of our most valued assets, so thank you for your amazing service!"

I have known Naomi to carry out her duties with a high degree of commitment, ethics, intelligence, and responsibility. She possesses excellent reasoning and deduction skills which make her highly successful at her job. She also makes for an excellent orator as is evident in the way she conducts various drives and campaigns for educating those around her within the industry

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