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Human Resource Services

Our strategic partnership will manage the most important asset of your company; the employees. We utilize several aspects of human capital to determine the value and effectiveness of your practices and employees.




Equipping your business with qualified and committed human capital is key to implementing efficient processes, maintaining a profitable business and achieving your business goals. Horizon Financial Solutions has the expertise to find the talent that can transform your organization based on your company culture and goals. Whether you are starting up or well-established Horizon can help find these sought-after candidates so you can continue building your business.  We can work with you, as you need us, as more workforce is needed or on a continual basis.  


Not ready to recruit just yet? Let us help you establish a recruiting and interview process or repair your current program to connect you with top-notch candidates once you are ready.


In addition to sourcing fitting candidates, we run each through a rigorous qualification process for your peace of mind. These assessments include background checks, skill-based assessments, personality, and cognitive assessments. 



Payroll Services: I9, Audits, State and Federal Payroll Taxes

Attempting to maintain payroll while running your business puts you at risk for fines, penalties, late filings and, most importantly, angry employees. No need to stress each payroll cycle over your employees getting paid and taxes filed. We ensure each employee is paid on time and the federal, state and local tax agencies get their cut as well as Social Security, Medicare, FUTA (Federal Unemployment Tax Act) and SUI (state unemployment insurance).  We don't stop once the pay cycle is over. At the end of the year, we prepare your employee W-2s and 1099s.



Discipline & Documentation



An effective and well-documented disciplinary process is vital to protecting your company and ensuring fair treatment across every employee that is prompt and uniform. Its intention is to correct poor workplace performance while preparing the employee for progress and protect against recurrence. 

A well-executed disciplinary plan is the company's defense in a wrongful termination lawsuit. It is documentation of negative performance, time for improvement, written notice and a corrective plan to prepare the employee for improved performance. Executing the disciplinary process and documentation is important to your business in both progression and protection so don't leave it up to chance.


Employee Relations

Employee relations start the moment the moment you decide to hire and throughout the entirety of employment whether the employee resigns or is terminated. Horizon works with you on developing and managing recruiting, new-hire orientation, disciplinary action, engagement, career development, conflict resolution, and organizational structure. And that is just to name a few. The details and planning alone is a full-time job and you already have one so let us take care of your employees for you. 




Developing a compensation strategy for your employees increases motivation and improvement. This strategy must include job audits, job descriptions, compensation, researched market data to make sure you're competitive, developing pay grades and salary administration plans. Maintaining compliance with wage and hour practices during development and execution is a vital aspect that can't be overlooked.   


FMLA & Leave Policies

The layers of the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and other leave policies such as sick leave, military leave, military leave, administrative, maternity, jury duty, religious observance, and others are difficult and hard to understand with unique situations arising every day. Which ones are paid and unpaid? Which ones are you, as the employer, legally mandated to provide? Don't leave this aspect of your business to amateurs leaving you vulnerable to lawsuits. Horizon knows the laws and requirements and we have you covered. We will work with you to develop a process and policy or evaluate your current process so that it is cost efficient while protecting you, your company, and your employees.

Management & Employee Training

We design, develop and deliver training solutions that get results. It doesn't matter how efficient your processes or strategic your business plan if your employees aren't willing or capable of completing the tasks. The right training plan can help cultivate talent, improve leadership skills, increase productivity and time management, and raise morale which leads to your human capital contributing their best effort to your organization. From entry-level employees to Senior Executives, training and coaching can help them hone their professional skills providing better results for you. Continuing to train your team may even save you money on insurance premiums by offering Diversity and Anti-Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace training.


Once trained, our HFS consultants will continue to assist in user adoption and make sure the training is put to work. Once the training is put into action we assess the training program effectiveness. We don't stop working until you are happy and see the fruits of your labor.



Employee Handbook Development

Employee handbooks are your communication tool to the workforce. It sets the stage for expectations such as workplace habits, behaviors, dress codes, and performance. An employee handbook that is clear and legally compliant can also help with numerous employee relation issues. However, there are federal, state and local laws that must be abided by in the handbook so it isn't to be taken lightly. These laws are clearly understood by Horizon and we can help you create yours in a manner that is not only well-written and easy to understand by lawfully abiding so your business is protected.


Important elements of an employee handbook include:

  1. Employment-at-Will Statements

  2. Equal Employment Opportunity Statements

  3. Immigration Law Compliance

  4. Non-Disclosure Statements

  5. Definition of Employment Categories

  6. Standards of Conduct and Disciplinary Action Procedures

  7. Employee Benefit Options

  8. Employee Leave Options

  9. Work Condition Policies

  10. Social Media, Computer, and Email Usage

  11. An Acknowledgment Form


HR General Compliance


Human Resources is about protection of both the business and the employee. These protections span a wide range of components. Background checks of prospected employees protect current employees and businesses. Federal and state laws require compliance notices to be posted in common employee areas for viewing. At HFS we have an understanding of employment-related laws such as Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA) and the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and how they can impact your business. 


If you have a Human Resources Department in place we can evaluate your process to ensure the laws, leave, compensation and other processes are efficient, effective and compliant. 


Policies and Procedures

Policies and procedures lay the foundation for a successful organization. Clearly communicating the company expectations and how situations are handled remove room for error, fraud, and waste. In addition to minimizing inefficiencies, policies and procedures are developed to stay compliant with local, state, and federal laws. Some examples of HR Policies and Procedures include paid time-off, leave, discrimination, email usage, and conduct. Let us evaluate your current policies and procedures or develop new versions based on your organization, backed by our HR expertise.


Employers face more unemployment claims than ever before. Optimize your cost control by allowing the experts at Horizon Financial Solutions manage your unemployment claims, hearings, payment methods, and your organization’s annual Contribution Rate Determination. A successful unemployment process begins with the discipline, documentation, and termination processes your organization has. Ensure you and your business are covered from the beginning of the employee lifecycle. We can help develop a Comprehensive Unemployment Plan that will reduce your unemployment costs per employee or analyze your current plan to pinpoint areas of opportunity. 


Workers' Compensation

The HFS Human Resources manages your workers' compensation claims, ensures employees receive benefits, and work-related laws are followed so you are protected against employee injuries in the workplace. We work directly with your carriers to ensure that injuries are processed accordingly and followed through. 


Ready to get started? Speak to Naomi Davis, our Human Resources Partner, at Horizon Financial Solutions today to discuss your needs.

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